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writing // Sean Sherman, The Sioux Chef

This is a piece I wrote for the Heavy Table (published here). Since this interview and feature, Sean Sherman has traveled the world, speaking and cooking, educating and illuminating people about pre-colonial Native American food. Photos by Becca Dilley.

Excerpt from Sean Sherman - The Sioux Chef, originally published on heavytable.com 

Local food. What does that mean to you?

To Sean Sherman, a Minneapolis-based Native American chef who is busily planning the rollout of a cookbook and restaurant called The Sioux Chef, it means the food his ancestors ate: the traditions and flavors of an indigenous people who cultivated what the land around them naturally produced, a food culture that has been decimated over the centuries, along with most other markers of Native American people and their culture. The resurrection of this lost cuisine is long past due; we’re starting to see trends in pre-colonial diets taking shape, and Sherman is a chef in pursuit of this important vision.

In any major American city, we expect to find representations of dozens of food cultures. Here in Minneapolis and St. Paul, we celebrate the availability of excellent, authentic food brought to us by way of Vietnam, Somalia, Mexico, Ecuador, and almost every other region and culture you can think of. But what about those who were here first? There is no restaurant in Minnesota that focuses exclusively on Native American food.